I’m thrilled to announce The Sandrunner, the second book in The Story of Rain trilogy! Thousands of hours went into this endeavor and I hope you love it as much as I loved writing it.

The Nutshell

Having escaped the edani, Djeodi and the Survivors of Shah find themselves at Anubi’s gates, their final refuge. But for Djeodi to gain entry, he must undertake a perilous mission to a remote town only to discover the enemy has returned, stronger than ever.

Meanwhile, Roan’s past catches up as an old adversary captures her for a settled bounty. Learning of orphan Talarain’s dire situation at the Temple, she breaks free with assistance from an unexpected ally. Will she escape Anubi to save herself, or risk all for Talarain’s freedom?

Alliances are tested, debts are tallied, and old enemies rise again. The Sandrunner is a heart-pumping tale of refugees and renegades bound by fate, racing to save themselves and their world.

The Sandrunner book cover