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I have been a story teller for as long as I can remember. At the age of seven, I began improvising grand tales to my friends of elves and monsters and magic, staying up late into the night as they asked for more, until someone’s mom would command us to sleep. From that time on, I knew I wanted to be a writer.

The Story of Rain is my debut series, set in a vast world twenty years in the making. The first book will be released in 2022.

The Broken Horn - Original Cover Art Coming Soon

In the desert, only the relentless survive.

In a brutal wasteland of sand and stone, Djeodi, a two-hundred-year-old war veteran and recovering alcoholic, must overcome his dark past to save his people from an ancient foe.

Meanwhile, Roan, a desperate sandrunner with a bounty on her head, accepts a dangerous job transporting a mysterious girl while being hunted by holy assassins and a wild gang of fools.

The Broken Horn is the story of an old man’s quest for redemption and a proud woman’s struggle for family. It is a tale of survival and loss, pain and victory at all costs. It is a tale of love.

Coming 2022.


“The Broken Horn” is an exciting read.
The world is beautifully immersive and each character becomes a living being that you could reach out and touch. From the first chapter to the last, “The Broken Horn” ranks first class.

—Richard M

I couldn’t put the book down! The world was amazing, the action was riveting, and I already miss the characters. Book 2 can’t come out soon enough!

—Lorena A

I put the book down halfway through. I don’t read fiction and I don’t like fantasy. Basically the writing is good, I just didn’t like the book. Maybe someone who likes fantasy will.

—Real Beta Reader

I started reading The Tale of Monty and I was totally pulled in. I couldn’t stop. Action, horrifying injustice and violence, touching moments, and even a laugh or two. It’s so good! I’m in love with Roan and Monty.
—L.L. Rose

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About Don

Don lives in the Pacific Northwest with his wife, Lorena, and his dachshund, Milton. Like everyone else up here, he loves backpacking, hiking, skiing, cooking, and eating.

The Story of Rain is the first series in a sweeping tale of war and love.