I’m thrilled to announce the release of my debut novel, The Broken Horn, the first book in The Story of Rain trilogy. This journey has been nothing short of an odyssey, spanning three years and thousands of hours of dedicated writing.

Crafting The Broken Horn was a labor of love, involving intricate world-building that paints a vivid backdrop for our protagonists, Djeodi and Roan. Developing these characters, each with their deep, personal struggles, was a journey in itself. Djeodi, grappling with his violent past and alcoholism, seeks redemption in a world marred by conflict. Roan, a defiant sandrunner, faces her own demons while protecting a mute girl amidst danger.

The process of plotting this novel was a complex task. I aimed to intertwine the lives of Djeodi and Roan in a narrative filled with suspense, emotional depth, and a fight for survival. Balancing the themes of redemption, love, and resilience in a dystopian setting was both challenging and immensely fulfilling.

The Broken Horn is an exploration of the human spirit against the backdrop of a harsh, unforgiving world. I invite you to dive into this journey and experience the world of Djeodi and Roan, as they navigate through their turbulent lives, each seeking something they yearn for in the depths of their souls.

Thank you for being part of this journey. Your support means the world to me. The Broken Horn is available now—I can’t wait for you to read it and join me in this adventure.

The Broken Horn - 3D Book