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Welcome to the official website for author Don Elliott. Don is a writer of fantasy and sci-fi novels and short stories. Gritty, heartfelt, and fast-paced, his character-centered writing explores the human condition while journeying through vast, immersive worlds.

His current work in progress, The Story of Rain, is an action-packed dark fantasy series set in a world years in the making. The first book, The Broken Horn, is scheduled for release on 10.22.22.

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In the desert, only the relentless survive.

After centuries of war, Djeodi, a recovering alcoholic, has found salvation with a community hidden in the mountains. But when an ancient enemy rises, he must embrace his violent past and lead his people to refuge across a wasteland of sand and stone.

Not far away, Roan, a sandrunner with a bounty on her head, accepts a job transporting a mute girl through the desert. When she discovers assassins and a crime lord are on her tail, she must risk her life or abandon the girl to save her own skin.

The Broken Horn is the story of an old man’s quest for redemption and a proud woman’s struggle to love. Two hardscrabble fighters, each battling their own demons, hurtling toward each other in a harrowing struggle between civilizations and the survival of a living, breathing planet.


Coming 10.22.22.

“The Broken Horn” is an exciting read.
The world is beautifully immersive and each character becomes a living being that you could reach out and touch. From the first chapter to the last, “The Broken Horn” ranks first class.

—Richard M

I couldn’t put the book down! The world was amazing, the action was riveting, and I already miss the characters. Book 2 can’t come out soon enough!

—Lorena A

I put the book down halfway through. I don’t read fiction and I don’t like fantasy. Basically the writing is good, I just didn’t like the book. Maybe someone who likes fantasy will.

—Real Beta Reader

I started reading The Tale of Monty and I was totally pulled in. I couldn’t stop. Action, horrifying injustice and violence, touching moments, and even a laugh or two. It’s so good! I’m in love with Roan and Monty.
—L.L. Rose

You will fall in love with these characters. Their world is unforgiving and the stakes are high. You will find yourself celebrating every win and mourning every loss along side them. Their compelling stories of pain and determination, hope and resilience will keep you glued to the page. I hope you loose yourself in the vivid landscapes as thoroughly as I did. Ears here, you’re going to feel some shit.

—A. Saxon

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About Don

Don lives in the Pacific Northwest with his wife, Lorena, and his monster dachshund, Milton.

Outside of writing, Don is the owner and CEO of a mid-sized marketing agency called Gravitate, headquartered in downtown Vancouver, Washington. When he’s not putting words on the screen, he’s sharing beers with neighborhood pals, singing karaoke with his wife, or backpacking in the Cascades.